Covex Method

Our Method: A Flexible Approach. Outstanding Results.

It’s how we complete¬†your project on time, on budget and within industry constraints.

Method: A procedure, technique, or way of doing something, especially in accordance with a definite plan.

Methodology: A set or system of methods, principles, and rules for regulating a given discipline.

The Covex Method tailors our services to your¬†specific needs, instead of employing a rigid methodology. This approach is sensitive to the nuance of a project, so we’re better equipped to adapt throughout the life-cycle of any assignment you might have.

Covex Project Lifecyle

1. Conception Definition
  • Perform Gap Analysis & Risk Assessment
  • Develop Validation Project Plan
    • Traceable to corporate guidelines
    • Outlines scope, responsibilities, deliverables, configuration management activities, schedules, approvals, audits, etc.
2. Requirements
  • Develop Requirements Specification
      • Functional requirements
      • Performance requirements
      • Design constraints (hardware, software, compliance)
      • Attributes (Availability, Security, Archiving)
      • External interfaces (hardware, software, user, comm.)
      • Other (database, backup & restore, training, documentation, maintenance)
  • Perform Supplier Evaluations
3. Design
      • Develop Detailed Design Specification
        • Architecture, hardware, software, data
      • Develop Test Plan
        • Unit & integration testing, FAT & SAT (if  applicable), Installation Qualification, Operation  Qualification, Performance Qualification  Acceptance Test.
4. Construction
  • Build the System
  • Develop Installation Qualification
  • Develop Operational Qualification
  • Develop Performance Qualification / Acceptance Test
5. Installation
  • Develop SOPs (security, operation, training, backup & restore, disaster recovery, change control, maintenance, incident reporting, performance monitoring, etc.)
  • Execute FAT/SAT (if applicable)
  • Execute Installation Qualification
  • Execute Operational Qualification
  • Execute Performance Qualification
  • Develop Validation Summary Report
6. Operation & Maintenance
  • Incorporate SOPs
  • Institute Formal Change Control
  • Initial Performance Evaluations
7. Retirement Phase
      • Retirement Plans
      • Data Migration
      • System Decommissioning

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