Privacy Policy

Covex LLC recognizes the importance of protecting, the privacy of all information obtained from visitors to our website. As such, we have adopted the following policy guidelines with a view toward protecting that privacy.

What Information Covex LLC Collects

Covex LLC collects information about visitors to our website when a visitor uses a particular feature on our website, such as the Contact Us Form which requests that an individual input and supply one’s name, company name, and e-mail addresses and/or phone number. Also as visitors browse the website, Covex LLC collects information about the visit. By way of example, our web server logs and stores browser cookie files. Covex LLC may, from time to time, monitor statistics such as the number of visitors we have to our website, which pages are visited, the browsers our visitors use and the domains our visitors come from (e.g., “” or “”), but none of this information is associated with any visitor as an individual; rather it is aggregated and shown to us to monitor trends and website usage.

How Covex LLC Uses Collected Information

Covex LLC uses the statistics referred to above to improve the design, layout and content of its website, to monitor its performance, and to make it easier for visitors to use. Covex LLC uses other information obtained via its website for internal purposes, such as data sent by visitors via the Contact Us form, and takes reasonable precautions to keep any personal information disclosed secure. Covex LLC does not sell or disclose to third parties personal information collected, except as may be required by law. Covex LLC will not use the information provided by visitors to solicit or contact the visitor unless expressly requested to do so by said visitor.

Third Party Links and Information

Covex LLC is not responsible for the content or the privacy polices of any third party websites to which it may provide links from this website. Those links are to servers maintained by other businesses and organizations and are provided solely as a service to visitors. In addition, Covex LLC makes no representation regarding the accuracy or source of information contained on any such third party server or the content of any file a visitor might download from any of those sites.

Periodic Updates to this Privacy Policy

From time to time, Covex LLC may update this privacy policy, and visitors should review it regularly.